About Us

From our natural perfume laboratory in Melbourne, we create our own exclusive 100% pure lavender perfume to scent our beautiful handmade products. Distilled high in the French Alps, our Paris-trained botanical perfumer takes the world’s best lavender essential oil and custom-blends our own signature scent by adding the finest perfumer’s lavender absolute.

The result is a richly intense and luscious fresh scent that gives just the right balance of green herbaceous notes and a touch of sweetness to the floral herby note of the lavender essential oil. Transport yourself to a gently swaying, deep purple lavender field with every inhalation. 

With a commitment to sustainable principles and environmental stewardship, our products are designed, formulated and handmade in small batches by our team of botanical perfumers. The ingredients are sourced from premium quality, organic and botanical sources and include a variety of plant-derived oils, essences and extracts.

Our products are not tested on animals, contain no animal products or synthetic colours or fragrances and are vegan in nature. Our packaging is reusable, recyclable and kept to a minimum. Our products contain no petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates or genetically modified ingredients.

Combining time-honoured country traditions with modern eco-luxury, Lavender Lab brings the best of both worlds to you with assistance from one heavenly-scented, universally adored purple flower.